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Dating needy guy

Yeah, it’s no fun, but you graciously reply back *immediately, I may add*, “No biggie! Letting your significant other reschedule things at the last minute without fuss doesn’t mean you’re “understanding.” It means you’re too available and don’t mind the random shift in plans.

Let him know his canceled plans are off-putting; you are not a doormat.

The pitfalls of availability If you are too available, you may seem needy, like you don’t have a life of your own—which may put you at risk for being taken for granted.

No matter how much you want to spend time with your partner, being too available can have its downfalls.

We all know the pain of dragging “that” girl around.Take it from me: read these signs and change them ASAP—if you want to make something work. If you’re constantly saying yes to everything your new squeeze asks or wants to do, then you’re too available. Don’t you just want to curl up on the couch and watch a movie, instead of going to some lame car show? Honestly, this sounds more desperate than you being nice.Instead, say a quick, “Oh sorry, what did you need?” It makes you much more mysterious and actually makes it seem like you have a life outside of your significant other.[Read: 20 signs you’re a people pleaser and just don’t know it] #4 You initiate most of the conversations.

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If a friend is telling you that you’re being too available *aka: ditching them or not making plans with them at all* then that’s a surefire sign that you really are too available. When you ask him every day to go to dinner or on a date, he’s going to realize that you don’t do much outside of spending time with him. Always having time available and wanting to fill that time with him is a definite sign that you have too much time available.